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    Question relating to on page seo for a homepage that contains video thumbnails

    Hi everyone,
    I have a question as it relates to optimization as it relates and involves my home page. I've read many articles about what the search engines are looking to make my site relevant for a keyword because currently it's not coming up relevant for the keywords that I'm trying to be relevant for. I have made some changes and also implemented these on and more on new pages.
    • URL names natural and same as title
    • Title of page
    • Meta tags
    • H1 Heading
    • Other related keywords on page
    • Other supporting pages on site to support keywords

    Currently I've I have already created other pages and parts of the site to help with my relevant keywords, but what is troubling me is the home page. Here is the link to the development of my site dev.fanzoos.com if you want to view it. Currently I'm trying to rank based on teams, such as professional and college i.e. Cowboys, patriots, buccaneers, Florida gators, Florida state, and more.

    My supporting pages have pages related to the individual teams and videos related to them but my home page currently does not have
    An h1 tag, and the only places I can get keyword juice is the video titles that are part of the thumbnails if it includes team name in the title. I don't know how to best structure the home page to help with relevance of he other pages so both my domain authority and relevance can go up when people are searching for information about there team. Currently the home page is broken down by the sections for the video thumbnails for all the video such as trending, highlights, ect.. and there taged h2. How can I use the video thumbnails description to help with my on page seo to help with the other related pages that I have created based on team, leagues or sports that can be accessed and has links from the video player page.
    This is what I have so far of what I can do or plan to do
    So far I plan on changing my title,to include my name and couple keywords with the leagues name in it.
    My meta description I feel is good.
    I don't know if I should add an h1 tag and if I did what i
    Would put int it.
    I don't know how to correctly mark up the site to help with the keywords or maybe should
    I be looking at this from a different angle.

    I'm sorry if this a little long I wanted to be as thorough as possible.
    Looking for any help I might be able to receive. Thanks

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    Hi Will,

    I took a quick look at your site.

    If I take for exemple the following page dev. fanzoos .com/league/english-premier-league/fulham I can see you have a H1 tag wrapping "Fulham", one word in a H1 tag seems a bit short to me, why not add the team tag line (sry I don't know it I'm no football fan) and add a small team description. You use a picture but you forgot to use the alt tag.

    I can see that trending videos highlights and top fans are wrapped in an h1 tag too. This is wrong you should only have 1 h1 tag per page. Try wrapping them into H2 or H3 tags. You could also add the team name in the title. eg trending fulham videos, Fulham highlights etc.... (adding a team name can be done dynamically in your code so that it switches automatically to the team name on every page).

    It also seems that you do not user canonical tags

    You coded your meta description this way <meta content='Fulham' name='description'> I personally invert name and content and use " instead of ' never really tested the impact.

    On your homepage you have no h1, just add a nice line, such as FanZoos - Home of Sports videos . (just guessing here depends on your keywords) . you could rotate such sentence for you categories too . Fanzoos the best of Football videos . etc... you could also add a paragraph of text explaining what you do and why you are different, not too big or it might get in the way of your user experience.

    Ranking a youtube like site homepage is a long work. Youtube's homepage itself isn't SEO optimised but it still ranks thanks to backlinks and authority.
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    Hi Pierre,
    Thanks for your quick reply and all of your suggestions I will apply some of your suggestions immediately. I have one question as it is In reply to the many h1 tags that you mentioned. I was following this page webdesign.tutsplus.com/articles/the-truth-about-multiple-h1-tags-in-the-html5-era--webdesign-16824. This page stated
    that you can block off sections off your site using the article tag to denote self contained sections inside the document. I thought It would be ok, if i used the article tags for those sections such as trending, high lights, and top fans. and the other section ect..

    In your expert opinion is this article wrong or am i using this all wrong. I figured I'd used it that way to correctly section the site and help with relevance and page authority and domain authority. The last thing that you
    mentioned is back links. I will do more research on this since whenever i read the articles containing back links its seems either very tedious or that I would need to figure out ways to form relationships to get other sites to backlink
    me. I will see if i can find information on both seo chat and other sites to see what is the white hat method of doing this.

    Thanks again for any help you've given me.

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