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    Puzzled over keywords in domain names

    I've searched around but I'm still not clear about making a domain name contain keywords.

    For instance. If you did Headshot photography in New York would you:

    a) register newyorkheadshotphotography.com

    b) register new-york-headshot-photography.com

    c) not worry about keywords at all

    I'm looking at this from strictly a SEO perspective and not from the legibility standpoint.

    Any advice appreciated.

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    Either a or B it'll be the content that makes it seo worthy.

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    Definitely A:-)
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    I give an example of my previous client (from the UK in 2007). They basically added (as affiliate partners) Umbrella group of companies those were dealing in IT (Income tax) Contractor. Their website URL is itcontractor.com and they received more than 90% organic by "IT Contractor (keyphrase)" only by the way that time we could easily track organic keywords with traffic from Google analytics. Now I am not working with this client but now I have googled this keyword again and this site is still in top 10 in Google Uk searches. Now, Google is smarter than previous also it is very risky for EMD, but I must say there would be an advantage if we use keywords in our URL especially for Google maps listing.

    I have also searched you keyword that you want to use in your URL and there are 3 mentioned below sites are in top 10 used keywords in their URL

    Now come to your basic question for that you would need new-york-headshot-photography.com as I have read somewhere that Google understands separate phrase once you use - in your URL but another aspect newyorkheadshotphotography.com is easy to type, so you should select this. But it doesn't mean only using this URL you will be in top 10 there are many more factors and most important is content as test-ok stated here.

    There would be still another aspect of the business that is branding so would also need to think about those aspects and take you call.
    Some tips see the sites like
    Amazone, eBay etc. Now it is up to you how you take this?

    I am sure "Knowonespecial" and other members will come up with their suggestions so stick around.
    You do your business I do mine because you are you and I am I If we meet it is nice.
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    Ok,, since you mentioned I should chime in...

    Personally the shorter the url the better...people are lazy, and most never took a typing class. 15 to 20 character is probably a good limit on max length.

    Domain without - ( hypens ) look cleaner, ie less spam like.

    EMD's used to play a more significant ranking factor. Google still gives it a bit of weight in ranking as I understand it ... but not anywhere as much as it used to.

    In your case, brand awareness will be key for you. Think company slogan here....

    some examples.....

    The real thing.. Name your Price Tool .... Newmans Own ( love this one, because 100% of profits are donated to charity )

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    You could go with just

    NYHPhoto.com or NYHPhotography.com

    Both are available, I am in the camp that keywords in domain are less important than having a short easy to type domain.
    Not saying having your keywords in the domain has no value at all but personally I believe having something shorter and easier to type far outweighs the small advantage having your chosen keyword within your domain.
    The domain name becomes your brand and you really don't want a mouthful to have to spread the word about your company / site.

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