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    Publishing identical blog content for several domains?

    So this business has several different domains, each for a specific geographic area. Each site has a blog section and a content team writing non-location-specific blog articles for them.
    My questions:

    1. If these websites were to publish identical blog content without redirecting or rel: canonicals, would they be penalized?

    2. If the answer to 1. is yes, SEO-wise, what would be the best way to publish the content?

    - Use rel: canonical to direct all of the duplicate content pages to just one of them? This would be great for the page to which they are directed to but not for those that are being directed though, right?

    - Change wording/content of these blogs by x degree to negate the penalty from duplicate content?

    - Any other technical SEO solution that I am not aware of?
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    Hi Paulhalla,
    I don't think you will ever get a definite answer to "would they be penalized?" Some will say no... others will say 'maybe'. Either way it probably won't really help. You also want to minimize the amount of redirects where possible because this is a known Google factor re: page speed.

    My advice is to re-edit to be safest. It's time consuming and will cost money however. I currently do it on some of our content. Maybe someone else has other solutions so I'll keep an eye on this thread.
    Good luck!!
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    There is no duplicate content penalty. LOL There are however consequences to having duplicated content.

    Google sees several sites, ( especially if they are owned by the same entity ) with the same content. Google thinks, which site is the oldest, which site appears to be the first kid on the block. Site A and for certain queries you find out that Google for some strange reason thinks Site B with the same content should rank for this other term. Then on other days you will see the Sites flip flop on which terms they show for.

    Google does not say, hey that site and this site both have the same content. Well then lets give site b a penalty. If that were the case, there would be only one News site in the world, etc. etc.

    Originally Posted by Saxter
    I don't think you will ever get a definite answer to "would they be penalized?" Some will say no... others will say 'maybe'.
    We have two Senior Members here, Chedders and Thomas Harvey, whom have built a site that contains nothing but duplicate content from the net. They do pretty damn good.

    Hopefully they will chime in with some of their site's stats. That site they have created has definitely put what I consider the last nail in the coffin of the duplicate content penalty.

    To rank both sites well I agree with Saxter

    Originally Posted by Saxter
    My advice is to re-edit to be safest.
    Last edited by KnowOneSpecial; Jun 19th, 2017 at 05:05 PM.
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    Your blog content should be unique,if your content is pledged or spam it will be create a result opponent to you.
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    Yes we built a large scale, long term site to test the myth if duplicate content could rank, by large scale I mean 1 million pages+.
    At the time we was reading a lot about this so called duplicate content penalty myth which did not quite hold true, although it sort of made sense that google should ignore sites that just contained content from other sources.

    After some thought on how to do the test we decided to publish affiliate content as there was so much out there that suppliers were only too happy to give us for free, this content can of course be found on 1,000's of sites so it should not have ranked.

    To my surprise, it did rank and ranked very well.
    We did publish a lot of the results and if your interested you can read about it here Awesome SEO experiment by our members!

    I just remembered Tom did a 6 month review which can be read about here https://overwork.co.uk/zebo-6-month-review/
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