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    New To Seo things

    Hello friends,

    i wanted to clear some queries about blogging as i wanted to start a blog soon and wanted to understand the whole dynamics of monetizing it etc,

    1. Im unclear on how the process works tbh, do we post ads of products or webpages that are in coherence with our blog topic ourselves? or we are contacted by a company if our blog has many visitors per day

    2. Does writing the blog in a particular way for example like in SEO terminology using adwordshelper or keywords to write an article boost the pages audience

    3.How do we know which products to advertise on our blogs ? how do we know they want to be advertised in the first place?

    Thanks alot
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    The biggest hurdle to over come is traffic. Once you have traffic everything else falls into place.
    There is only really 1 fool proof way of gaining traffic with a blog and that is to write topics people actually want to read, it is no good writing 1000 words on something if its of no interest to anyone.

    You can start off by using adsense on your blog which may give you a small amount of income, but that again is directly related to visitors. If your writing about products then it may be fitting to create a amazon affiliate account and list products within the blog post but it needs to be on topic. So if your writing about health its going to be a bit pointless showing products of televisions for example. If however your doing reviews on the best fridges available then it would be acceptable to show the fridges your reviewing with a link to amazon to buy the product.
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    Many thanks cheddars , really appreciate it

    i have few questions if u could answer those please,

    1. say for example im looking to write a "success and motivation blog" now my question is that is it best to find products on amazon marketing affiliate program related to that and post ads on my blog? and are there other ways where i could get these companies similar to my blog title

    2. Starting off , should i begin with an adsense account(im assuming i could make that account without any pre-requisites) and link it to a free blogger blog, or should i create a wordpress account with buying hosting which would cost me alot upfront?

    3. If im writing about various products on my blog , like reviews what would u suggest i try to make the blog about, should it be like a variety blog where i just simply review stuff from movies,products etc

    Thanks again

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