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    Smile Need Site Upgrade Review - Suggestions

    Jimmy DiShanni here.

    I am new to this site - HELLO!

    this is my site:


    We have a unique product, a real nitch in the market.
    Been in business since 1999.
    Great product, horrible bounce rate...

    What I want is somebody that can assess what's going on and help me out.
    With some or all of it:

    conversion rates

    Who can help?
    my e-mail is jimmy@sportformula.com
    cell 909-510-1167

    I don't mind paying or profit sharing.
    I need references and proof of past work.

    Not looking for a beginner, but the best.
    If that's you, please contact me.
    If you know there name, please reply to this thread.


    Check out my site, let me know what is obviously wrong...
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    It would obviously depend on what page you're talking about has a high bounce rate.

    Here are some problems with the home page:

    1) You have too many areas that draw the eye. There's the order now call to action, the newsletter, your header + phone, the vitamin pill secret. It's like you couldn't make a decision what you want people to do most - each of these is very loud and causes confusion / distraction ... leading people to exit.

    2) Your language is unclear... pills absorb? Your mean the body absorbs, from what I read.

    3) The logos for those programs should be next to each bullet point, not above it.

    4) The affiliate program offers substantially less than other sites in the industry, and is a lot less conversion friendly. (In fairness to you, there are lots of scammers in that field.)

    Beyond that...

    5) Once I click Order now, the store page looks like there are no product detail pages because there's already copy there. Bad idea, because it discourages people clicking through the the product detail page and finding out more.

    6) The copy for the liquid vitamin actively discourages people from ordering it, and directs people to the powder. Why on earth would you do that? If it's unstable and bad... don't sell it. If it's unstable but not bad (e.g. in practice this changes nothing and is just interesting academically to chemists), why mention it?

    7) Why does checkout as guest require an email address? It's probably to email a receipt, but if you don't specify that, then some people will be suspicious that you want to spam then and leave at this point.

    Why require registration at all? Lots of shopping carts do this and it's bad practice. You need to reduce friction, not increase it.

    There's more, but suffice it to say that if you fix the above, you'll do dramatically better.
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    Thanks for replying.

    I can't disagree with anything you are saying there.

    What would you suggest?

    Do you want to call me?

    cell 909-510-1167

    I am looking to straighten out this mess
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    I look at it from the eye of a non-SEO guy, but as a Quality Control and Photography background. I tend to see small details. My wife calls it being "picky"...LOL!

    It does seem to be a bit "busy" to me, and maybe a bit dated.

    I noticed your "VISIT STORE >>" text is black. I can't read it with that dark blue background.

    On the home page, the left menu hover text is a light blue, but when I visit your "About Me" page, the hover text changes to a darker blue. Checking a few other pages, the same darker blue hover text is present. I would suggest making them all the same hover color.

    I would like to see a different active menu text color. It's hard to tell what page you are one based on your left menu..

    Looking at your footer, it isn't the same on all pages. I personally like the Bible verse, but the font is smaller on at least the 'Home Page', 'About Me' and 'Contact Us'. Your 'All Products' page uses a larger font and you add a ' 2004-2014 Sport Formula, Inc.. Powered by CS-Cart - Shopping Cart Software'. I realize this is probably because your e-Commerce section is a different site. I would try to make the footer the same.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thank you for the review Mike.
    I wish all of what you said was already dealt with.

    I am hoping somebody here can offer their services to actually fix the whole thing and get the site into position with split testing, etc.

    My cell is 909-510-1167

    e-mail is jimmy@sportformula.com

    If there is somebody on this site that has credible references with experience, I am looking for a total overhaul.

    I can pay and or offer profit ahring.

    I need a SUPER affiliate manger too.


    My conversion power is gone...

    Can't hardly breathe, thirsty, feeling cold.... LOL

    Seriously, I need some help here.

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