I'm rebuilding my business website using a Wordpress theme and a style that pulls 8 posts into a home page that shows the 8 posts in excerpt form along with their featured images. The site has no sidebars but does have a footer with some important links in it.

I'm not a complete novice with SEO but I'm confused as to how I SEO the home page which is, in effect, a blank page. I have installed the Yeost SEO plugin which I have used for years and each of the 8 posts are "green lighted" and most SEO boxes are ticked but the plugin freaks out on the home page because it sees no text ..... albeit I can add a title and META description, etc.

The Yeost website basically suggests that I don't need to bother with the home page as such and that the SEO on the posts is all that matters .... other sites suggest that I do need to do something about the home page !

I can add a brief paragraph above the 8 post excerpts and use that to tick a few SEO boxes but I'd rather not do that as it spoils the clean look of the site so ..... do I or don't I ?!!!

I'm also confused about the footer as the Yeost SEO plugin clearly doesn't see it or take it into account as it reports no internal or external links yet they exist on the footer.

I'm basically totally confused and scared to go live without knowing where I am on SEO for the site so any assistance here would be greatly appreciated !