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    Question Hyphens in Domain Names

    Hello, Everyone!

    I have been having this this question in my mind for many months by now.

    Does having hyphens in domains have any impact?

    If yes, will that be a positive or negative impact?

    If no, then why is it used by many websites accross the world?

    On what scenarios does having hyphens work the best and the worst?

    If I own both without hyphen and with hyphen domain name(same domain name) which one would get the best score provided everything is same for both?

    Kindly, help me get my doubt sorted out.

    Hope someone could help me on this.
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    Best score ? neither, it dont really work like that.

    The main downside of having a hyphen in a domain name is telling people the website address, it dont exactly flow of the tongue does it.
    To many people put far too much importance on having the perfect domain name whereas a short memorable name is by far the best.
    In the old days having your keywords in the domain was considered an important ranking factor, those days I am afraid that has long gone.

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    • KnowOneSpecial agrees : Yes . "short memorable name is by far the best. "
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    To my knowledge there is no Google Algo that checks if a domain name has a hyphen in it and adjusts the serps because of it.

    Hyphen have a reputation of being used in the past with spam sites....

    Some say it doesn't looks so good to the eye.
    Hard to imply when telling someone the site name.....
    Hey go to billyscoffee.com and the actual name is billys-coffee.com.
    Also you can add prefixes and suffixes to names, mrbillyscoffee.com or billyscoffeeshop.com

    Some say you don't see many in the serps. Well that is because the majority of registered names contain no hyphens.

    Unless your company is like say, coca-cola then coca-cola.com makes perfect sense.

    Bottom line, think of branding when you make your final decision. Do what is best for creating a brand name.
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    I researched this recently when looking to register a domain that comprised two words, which when joined together created a rude word in the middle. The conclusion that I reached was that really was the only circumstance that justified using a hyphenated domain name.

    The disadvantages of using a hyphenated name were lower resale value and, as others have already pointed out, it's harder to pass on verbally because some people get confused between the hyphen and the underscore.

    But I did note that quite a few people recommended that if your domain name comprises two words, to also register the hyphenated name just to stop others coming along and registering an almost identical domain name.
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    What's going to make the difference is your content and site structure. Having a domain with or without a hyphen won't make a difference. IMO

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