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    How does Google use bounce rate as a ranking factor?

    I read that Google does not use Google Analytics data when ranking a site. If this is the case, how does it know what the bounce rate of a website is when using it as a ranking factor? (Bounce rate meaning that the user visits more than one page on the site before leaving it).
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    I am afraid your reading too many myths here.

    Bounce rate is not a raking factor as such.
    Bounce is not how deep someone goes into a site, it is they click on a link within google SERPS and return to google almost imitatively.
    I think your confusing bounce rate and dwell time here.

    whether or not bounce rate and dwell time are a ranking factor is a hotly debated topic, I personally have ran many tests which to me prove it has no effect.
    You are correct on the fact google do not use analytics data though, if that was the case then any site not using google analytics would be penalised which if that could be proved I am sure a load of law suits would follow.

    If bounce rate was a ranking factor then you have to assume that a high bounce rate would also have a negative effect, so therefore it would be easy to take out your competition by using a bot a a lot of proxy servers and automate users bouncing. You also have to conciser sites where a high bounce rate it perfectly normal. Lets say a page displayed the time in New York, it would take moments for a user to click in search, see the time and click back.

    I could go on and on about this but if you disagree by all means do a test and show how you can effect rankings with high and low bounce rates and I will be all ears.
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    Originally Posted by zigglr
    I read that Google does not use Google Analytics data when ranking a site. If this is the case, how does it know what the bounce rate of a website is
    Chrome reports many user behavior statistics back to Google, it is part of the TOS of Chrome. This is how Google determines the load time of websites along with many other bit of information.


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    Google uses it to have a "clue" (not a judgment) on the quality of a webpage. A high bounce rate does not necessarily mean that a webpage was useless. What it means is that a lot of visits had not gone past the entrance page and instead left without visiting any other part of the website. That has a lot of possible interpretations. So Google needs to check other ranking factors and balances everything. They have both machines and humans that do this.

    Google mainly uses an algorithm to rank webpages. But an algorithm is a set of rules. It's a combination of many things and not just a single metric like bounce rate or CTR, etc.

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