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    How do I optomize a site with many videos all on the same or similar topic?

    I am working on a site for a client that has an educational section of their site with dozens of videos.

    The challenge is that the videos are all on the same main topic. Each video is about 2 minutes only and wi1l essentially answer a question people often have or discuss a very specific sub-topic related to the main topic. The issue I have is that when I do keyword research for the main keyword and the sub topics, the subtopics basically have no searches or dont really have any standout keywords that get any volume. So I end up falling back on using the same handful of keywords that I researched originally which have good traffic volume.

    Now those keywords are still relevant to the pages because the video is about them, but just a little more specific.

    So, it's not like Im using keywords that are not relevant to the page or video on that page, but what is happening is that every video is basically using the same or very close keywords in the meta, descriptions, h1, etc...

    Unfortunately I can't share the name of the client.


    1. One question is - what is the best way to optimize multiple videos all around closely related/the same topic?

    2. Another question is - is there any penalty in having a high volume of pages with the same set of keywords (even though those keywords do appear int he page text)?

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    I would suggest you take your list of keywords, your primary words, run them as seeds in other tools, Google Keyword Planner, LSI generator, to name a couple, then after you have a few hundred check them for traffic, start using those that have traffic.

    Just to be clear, sometimes all you may find is what is called "low hanging fruit", a keyword that gets a few hundred hits a month, but imagine if you have 40 or 50 words like that, then you would be possibly getting 800 to 1000 very targeted viewers, probably will increase sales some as well.

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