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    Question how to deal with multiple duplicate pages?

    working on this site that has a page for every US State. Problem is they all have the same basic setup, i.e. URLs www domain.com/alaska-gun-laws www domain.com/nevada-gun-laws so there is 50 pages with basically duplicate content, URLS. I would assume the crawlers see the keyword gun-laws repeated 50 times. Although the information on the pages varies for each state but is in the same format.
    Anyway I would like these pages to rank but they are not even on page 1,000. So I assume they have been penalized for near duplicate content. So I hope some one can give me an idea how I should set these pages up for SEO and to rank. All the 50 pages are on the same subject, gun laws so I can't vary them too much apart from putting in the state name and laws that relate to the state.
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    Geo targeting pages like this is against google guidlines, they are considered doorway pages.
    Have a read of this page on google. https://support.google.com/webmaster.../2721311?hl=en

    It wont be the duplicate content that has hit you as such, its the fact your breaking their guidlines.
    Just so you know, including the state in the URL is not enough to geo target a page, you need a lot of information as well about the state / city / town so the page is about that location, your secondary keyword is about the laws etc.

    You should try restructuring the pages and your site as from what you have said I would think its the way you have attacked this problem.
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    doorway pages

    Thanks for reply, I read the google thread on doorway pages;

    Here are some examples of doorways:

    1 Having multiple domain names or pages targeted at specific regions or cities that funnel users to one page
    2 Pages generated to funnel visitors into the actual usable or relevant portion of your site(s)
    3 Substantially similar pages that are closer to search results than a clearly defined, browseable hierarchy

    I dont think number 1 applies as I am not funnelling users to one page, each state has its own page.
    Again number 2 should not apply as there is no funnel, just a page for each state.
    number 3, well yes that probably does apply.

    I would like to restructure the site or even pages but still not sure how to properly go about this, could you please give me some examples to deal with all these state pages.
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    May I suggest you create a single Gun Laws for the Fifty States page. Then create a section for each state, bookmark the sections and use the bookmarks for simulated pagination. Add a drop down box or use a search box for quick navigation.

    The trick will be not to let the page get huge, keep it 3 meg in size or smaller if possible.
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    Thought about that but the reason I created a page for each state was to hopefully get each page to rank. Plus there is heaps of info for each state. I cant give a direct link but if anyone would like to check the pages out it is at gunstocarry dot com / alaska-gun-laws
    This page is a bit different to the other state pages in that it has a new interface which I will eventually implement on all the other state pages.

    i have thought about just deleting the pages and starting over but alot of work! or maybe I should just give each state page a unique URL? well as you can see I'm a bit lost, not sure where to start.

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