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    How can brand new sites even rank high on Google? (and other search engines)


    I have a website that is relatively new. I have done some research on SEO, and one of the things that I have learned is that choosing low competition/high volume keywords is a smart strategy.

    I tried implementing this strategy on my own site. I added these types of keywords in my title, URL, meta-description, h1/h2 headings, alt-tag, etc.

    I have no doubts that this strategy is solid and effective. However, I was not surprised to find out that even after a couple of days, I either did not rank at all or I appeared on the 3rd/4th page on keywords with extremely low competition. (low 10s on MOZ competition)

    It's no surprise that this would happen since my site has a nonexistant page and domain authority, (PA/DA= 1) but how am I supposed to increase these two factors through organic search traffic - especially when I'm not appearing in search results? Every time I look up methods on how to raise PA/DA, I get the same answers: Improve keyword optimization by h1/h2, meta, title, etc. I've already done this many times, but nothing has changed.

    I know that backlinks are extremely important to increase authority but my question is which one comes first? Building a reputation through lots of traffic from great SEO or building a reputation by accumulating backlinks so you can raise your reputation to rank high in SERPs?

    Although I'm fairly confident in my content and design, the real kicker is that my website is community based. In other words, it's a forum. I'm not getting any users from traffic and I feel like I'm not in the position to be reaching out to higher-authority websites because they're not going to trust or link out to a forum site with 0 users.

    Thank you for reading this. I hope somebody can help me out with my paradoxical situation, haha.
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    I am afraid the old saying of you build it and they will come is no longer valid.

    Firstly lets clear up the issue with PA/DA.
    This is a Moz scoring system which basically works on link scoring so the more backlinks you have the higher your score, It really helps if these linking sites also have a high PA/DA score. So if you had a 1000 x DA 1 it would not increase your score much but getting 10 x DA 50 links would help a lot.

    Google used to show us the real PR value of a page but have removed that facility so Moz came up with their solution for a replacement. It is quite flawed really as it dont know about penalties some sites may have or disavowal files that have been uploaded. So its guess, OK maybe a educated guess but you should only ever use it as a guide, just like Alexa or any other 3rd party tool. They can only guess what google thinks of your site.

    Hopefully that makes sense.

    So onto the question of how to rank a forum with zero users.
    Most forums style sites have now gone (despite me using one right now) there used to be millions of forums but facebook and twitter has since taken over. I know there are a few other social platforms but they are the main 2. So the trick is to create a following on the social platform, build your audience there and direct them to the forum

    For example where I live there is a facebook group call this is (town) it has over 100k followers and very active, they then release a website where they invited their followers to go. It seemed to work well and the last time I looked the forum section had got really busy. and as they have such a large user base they now share / post about local events doing the web masters work for them. Creating natural links.

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