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    Google Search for my website - Past backlinks ruined/ruin my current ranking? .

    A bit of a backstory
    This website has been around for a fairly long time (7-8 years?) It is for a company that I did not own until 2013, so I do not know who dealt with SEO before.
    About 15 months ago, I signed on with one SEO company for about a year. They promised that they would significantly improve my ranking for several keyword phrases in Google Search. It didn't come cheap either (~$1000 a month). At the end of that year, there was very little difference in my rankings, and I had no increase in site views to show for it either. I dropped that company and am now speaking with another. He said that my company ranked quite well back around 2010 due to the numerous backlinks he had (a few thousand, I think). However, there was apparently an update to the Google Search algorithm that made an excess of backlinks a detriment to a website's rankings. Is this true? This was told to me by an SEO guy I may be trying out in the future

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    They may be referring to Penguin, though someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

    We have quite a few people on the forums who are more experienced and knowledgeable than I am - they may drop in to ask questions and provide more technical expertise.

    For my part, assuming that it was Penguin this person was talking about, I can provide some reading:

    1. 🐧 Google Penguin Update | Search Engine Land Explains the Google Penguin Filter (For a collection of news and "What is Penguin" type stuff.)
    2. What is a quality link? (A great SEO Chat primer on links and Penguin.)
    3. Finally! An official Penguin update! (Another, albeit older, thread about Penguin.)
    4. Watch Indepth Google Penguin Talk at Jim & Ann Show (Full disclosure - I work for IMN and they own the forums. But Jim Boykin and Ann Smarty are two very knowledgeable people about Google, penalties, SEO, etc, and I think this was a pretty good post of theirs.)
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    Hey Garry, $1000 is actually very cheap for services but in any case they shouldn't have promised higher rankings.

    Penalty diagnostics should be included in any initial SEO analysis for a website that has been around for a while.

    I suggest you doing the following:

    * Verify your website in Google Webmaster Tools (if it's not there yet) to see if there are any messages
    * Use Google Analytics, SEMRush and Spyfu to identify when the drop in traffic / rankings happened and if it coincides with any dates the updates happened

    Try and find a good company (again, it's not going to be cheap!) because that stuff seems to be over your head...

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    It sounds like you were hit by penguin and what happened was the links that were purchased were devalued along with any others that were pervious implemented. Thus you weren't moving or perhaps dropping. But that's just a guess and can only be a guess without evaluating your site.
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    Originally Posted by Ann Smarty
    Hey Garry, $1000 is actually very cheap for services
    To place this into perspective advertising costs for an existing business should be about 10% and if you are new that should be 20% of your expected return.

    If you expect to earn $100,000/month you should be spending about $10,000/month and if you are a new entity $20,000/month.

    Once organic SEO starts working it tends to get cheaper since the costs rarely increase but the dividend continue to improve.

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