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    Getting Images to Index using JS Overlay, CDN and Sitemap

    Hey guys,

    Looking for any feedback on why Google is not indexing images from our image sitemap.

    First of all, our product (Tagible) adds rich media content (videos, photos and panos) to plan text keywords on a page. You can see an example of the product here http://tagible.com/project/denver-colorado/ or here http://tagible.com/project/paris-france/

    We are trying to get the images in the JS overlay (lightbox) to index for these pages.

    The images are hosted on a CloudFront CDN in which we used a CNAME record to change the domain. All the images are now on a subdomain https://photos.tagible.com Example: https://photos.tagible.com/images/Alcatraz.jpg

    We then uploaded a image sitemap to Search Console which can be found here http://tagible.com/images_sitemap.xml

    In search console it shows the sitemap was submitted July 20th and processed Aug 1 and yet no images have yet to be indexed. Any ideas?
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    Have you tried creating a separate Google Search Console account for photos.tagible.com? You need to create a separate subdomain in GSC for each subdomain on your site.
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    The Pro's and Con's.... just my opinion....

    If your site is not that busy, say 80% capacity, then users who's download capacity is not maxed, will see some reduced loading times.
    (meaning, if your server can download to users at 100 meg a sec and the user can receive at 10 meg a sec, and the user is already using 7 meg on other things, no, they will probably not see any improvement, because their bandwidth is already maxed out. ) A lot of things can affect the final UX experience.

    If you site isn't that popular, then yeah, you could do it for the user. A lot of work vs a CDN tho.

    If your site is really popular, running at max capacity, then no, it's not going to help. It could in fact slow things down some. Why, because server resources are maxed out with the extra request.

    Best is to put the whole thing on a CDN and forget about it, if you got that much traffic.
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    Thanks.. we did add a new "Property" for Photos.Tagible.com in GSC so now we have two properties listed on the dashboard, Tagible.com and Photos.Tagible.com and it looks like this http://jmp.sh/hw22FDd

    Is that what you mean't or is there a different way to add the subdomain?

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