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    Do broken links in src - not visible in CMS or at frontend - affect SEO?

    Hey guys,

    Newcomer to the forums here, and SEO amateur!

    I'm managing content for a site, and have been tasked with purging it of broken links (fun, fun, fun!). Using Broken Link Checkers however, I've noticed that many of the broken links exist only in the src of the page, because the content that contained the broken links has been overwritten, but the src still 'remembers' them, clearly.

    Do these links affect SEO? There's no way site visitors can interact with them, and I can't even remove them using the CMS, so I guess not, but want confirmation.

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    Sorry that dont quite make sense.
    If its in the source then its not overwritten and should be visible to users unless its hidden with CSS or javascript.

    But to answer your question, its not as clear cut as you think. Absolutely broken links (or urls) should be fixed as this is an indicator that the site is not managed well, pages on your site are directly under your control so if you cant be bothered to fix them then it does not score well on being a quality page. Now google loves quality so that does not bode well.

    In saying that google do understand the internet as a whole is broken, it will be a little forgiving with some things, but its more about doing good house keeping really and prove to google the site is well maintained.

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    I agree with Chedders and would add the following:

    Even if Google does render the pages I personally think that bots fetch links directly from the source code because it the process is less ressource intensive and for Google server costs are a big issue.

    The problem is that if a bot follows 4xx or 5xx links then it's a lost of crawling ressources and it will impact your site quality (broken links) and your crawl budget (less pages crawled per period of time).
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