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    Changing category contents vs. creating new categories

    Hi all.

    Been trying to get a hold of an answer on this, but have had issues finding this specific issue on Google.

    My employer is a fairly prominent eCommerce site that deal with various smart devices, from tablets to smart phones and beyond. Recently we've seen manufacturers move towards a naming structure that's difficult to build SEO around. I'm talking about Samsung re-releasing smartphones called "Galaxy A5 2016", "A5 2017" etc.

    The most recent issue is with Apple's iPad Pro. We've seen a new 12.9" version that supercedes the original 12.9" iPad Pro - but there's no real change in name. And the two models are different enough that we do need to make a new category.

    We currently have a category named "iPad Pro 12.9" that ranks pretty well. As far as I see it, we have two ways that we can go with this:

    1. Create a new category called "iPad Pro 12.9" 2015" and move our old products to the new category. This means we get to keep our main page with the "iPad Pro 12.9" keywords, and all the backlinks we're accumulated (our current scheme).


    2. Change the name of the current category to "iPad Pro 12.9" 2015", and create a new category for the "iPad Pro 12.9".

    Option one keeps all of our backlinks and accumulated SEO, whereas option two allows us to start with a fresh slate. With regards to Google, which option makes more sense? My worry is that continuing with option one may lead to an increasingly large amount of irrelevant backlinks that Google may ("may" because the models are very similar) pick up on and punish us for. Option two sidesteps this, but means we have to start from the start with backlinks and SEO again - but is probably safe against the marauding Penguin.

    Any idea which is the better option in regards to current SEO, SERPs, and the future of Google?

    Thanks all!
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    Maybe you want to update the current page. Turn it into a comparison of the 2015 model vs the 2017 model.

    This way you keep all your links to the current page to drive traffic and you get the benefit of tossing some hollywood into content to excite viewers.

    All new IPad Pro 12.9 equipped with ProMotion and the all new A10x Cpu This new Ipad comes with Optical Image Stabilization

    I think you get my meaning.

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