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    backlinks with smallest size and background color


    i was link building with forum signatures

    i set font seizes to smallest and text color same as background color

    is it important ? has any effect on penalty and seo ?

    because one of the 4 sites that is was link building penalized
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    Let me see if I understand you correctely...

    You are building signature links on forums you participate on.

    You are creating invisible links to the human eye, ie, using smallest font and setting text color to background color
    LMAO here is why ->> Google is not a human, and will see the links and see it is hidden, against Google TOS, old black hat trick
    Go search Google for SEO Hocasi and see what happens to folks that do this......

    You already know that one of the sites you are posting these on has already been penalized.

    Personally I would ban you from those forums for such behavior. Not only are you abusing your privileges, but you are endangering the reputations of said forums.

    Needless to say, you may get in trouble here on this forum. Probably end in a perma ban for you. But I am not a mod here. Rest assured that the MOD's have read this post LOL !!

    Don't do it !! It is really a DAMN BAD IDEA !

    The moderators here do a really Bang UP Good Job !! I personally appreciate their efforts !!!!

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    Wow, I am surprised people still follow such practices. Here is one basic rule for NOT GETTING PENALIZED. Do what is useful to a human user. SEO is no more about fooling a search engine. They are more intelligent than you will ever be in next 1000 years. So drop these pre-historic spamming techniques and do something useful for a user.
    Forum Participation is more of a participation and learning avenue. You learn new stuff and you help people with stuff. In the process some people may like your work and give you a job. If you are good at what you do, you will eventually get good backlinks that you can help you in your SEO. But first focus on creating a name and trust rather than fooling the forum and fooling SEs.

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    Yea, from what I remember, Google has been penalizing and banning sites for a decade over fonts being the same color as the background.

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