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    Backlink Strength

    I have been looking at a few large sites using AHREFS around April 18th their Ahrefs rank dropped considerably. The referring domains didn't change but the referring pages dropped.
    The traffic is down for all 4 sites. One of the sites has around 10 million UAs per month
    Does anyone have any idea if this is related to the page index issue or if I am completely off track?
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    Pure guess, I would assume Ahref have tweaked their algothrymes. This is not uncommon as they fine tune and adjust things in an attempt to report on google better.
    The issue really is Ahref, Moz and any other tool do not and cannot report on what google is actually doing. They are just their educated guesses.

    The biggest problem is none of them have access to disavow files that have been uploaded and penalties google have issue either manually or algorithmic applied. Either of these drastically change the shape of the internet as the power of links change and effect many sites, not just the site your looking at.

    I agree using these tools can help and give you some insight but the danger is that you start believing they are fact. Google is an evolving beast and these tools attempt to keep up, often you will see big gains or droops when using them. To understand why it's best keeping an eye open on their blogs / forums, they often will announce they have adjusted things.
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    Chedders could be right with the algorithm change, although I'm a bit of an Ahrefs fanboy, and they normally say if there's been an update.

    You've got to think...


    If you have 10 links today, and tomorrow you still have 10 links.

    Will the 10 links be just as powerful? Possibly.

    But, they could also be worth more and less too. Remember, if any of these 10 linking domains lost any links, or gained any, that also has a knock-on effect on you. You don't know what happened to the linking domains. They may have lost a lot of links, dropped a pbn, lots of possibilities. This is why you need to make sure only trustworthy domains are linking to you.

    You don't want to wake up one morning to find Google have nuked them, because it's possible domains it was linking too would also have negative effects (like it has with Ahrefs scoring system).

    My point is, Ahrefs scoring system works based on voting system through links, anything within the chain changes, the score changes. Not saying this is 10000% the reason but ranking metrics are incredibly complex unless you do some serious detective work.
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