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    Advice from experts - stuck on page 2

    Hello everyone, I am Olly and I am kind of new to SEO, I say kind of because although I have done probably months of Research on the topic
    and I'm still not clued up. I own a website that buys and recycles laptops from the general public and I am looking to improve on my SEO.

    My website is www dot kwam-it dot com if anyone cares enough to have a a look.

    Here are the steps that I have taken up so far to improve my SEO and ranking.

    • I made a sitemap which I submitted to google.
    • I created a sub-directory blog which to be fair isnt updated as regularly as I want, but I have a few posts there
      which contain some interesting topics with some keyword links back to my main website.
    • I change the url to my quotation page (i.e the page people really use on my website to find out how much we pay them) to ".com/sell-my-laptop" "Sell my laptop"| is a very much sought after keyword of mine and if
      I can rank high for this. It could propel my business. I have quite a number of competitors and finding out out
      to outdo them has been futile. Google is simply not listening to me.
    • I have built some links, directories and some PBN links.
    • I made a guest-post with a keyword link to my site on a friends blog.
    • I made a few pages with the sub-directory targeting some long tail keywords and then this page then link back to my main page for getting a quote. fopr example a keyword "sell alienware", I made a subdirectory /sell-alienware with some content which then links back to my /sell-my-laptop page. Unbelievably I am ranking on page 2. All the pages above me have zero relevance to the topic, or is it just simply a matter of time before I move up the pile? How do I improve my standing, what strategies can I implement.

    Any help or tips will be appreciated.
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    Hello ty55on,

    The techniques you mentioned are a good start.

    You need to work on your content and HTML structure. Avoid duplicate content. Content on your page is very minimal and technically speaking it's not signaling search engines to crawl your most important keywords. You could try and use some SEO audit softwares online to help you identify which areas you can improve on.

    Hope this helps!
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    You can use my free tool to help with some things with your onsite SEO
    Also I would grab yourself of screaming frog, you have a few 404 errors and internal redirects, these should be fixed, there is no need for you to link to a page which your going to redirect internally.

    Links to these tools can be found in my footer
    Owner of Page Explorer the page onsite SEO checker
    Useful Tools: Site Crawler: Screaming Frog | Free SSL: Cloudflare | Backlinking 101: Backlinks in 2018
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    Hello Doodlepress, thanks for your reply. how do you mean content is very minimal? Do you mean on my actual pages or on my blog?

    Any examples or suggestions at all?


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    Hi ty55on

    I looked at your site... I agree with Chedders follow his advice...

    Also your redirects can be done better. Here is what I am speaking of..

    https://www.kwam-it.com/public/blog 301 Moved permanently
    https://www.kwam-it.com/public/blog/ 301 Moved permanently
    https://kwam-it.com/public/blog/ 301 Moved permanently

    The second redirect is not needed, you should strip the www off and add the / in one redirect !

    straight to

    You also have "Four" versions of your site... in some instances you have www as your redirected url in others you have non-www as your redirected url, also you do not redirect all http traffic to https, both are active
    This is splitting up your internal link juice !
    kawm-it.com redirects to https://www.kwam-it.com
    and this one-- both of the pages exist !

    Choose one, www or non-www and stick to it ! Also make the entire site https ! Google is really confused as to who to give the juice to.
    Do not mix and match, you are just making your job harder by splitting up your link juice to different pages. You never can predict how someone will link to your site.

    Stay away from PBN's, they are bad ideas. Google generally finds them. Then you lose all the way around !

    You have some issues with your viewport settings, when viewed on a Kindle Fire and all Phone devices you end up with a horizontal scroll bar. Probably a minor tweak needed here. Most people do not like the horizontal scrolling, and you may lose visitors over it. You may find this tool helpful in fixing that issue >> Screenfly / Test Your Website at Different Screen Resolutions .

    Edited to add...

    You fix these redirect issues with your link juice you may very well find your self on page 1.

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    How long have you been stuck on page two? If it's been a while it tends to be over optimised anchors (looks like the case based on Majestic). Throw in some branded links.

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