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    404 Error Pages

    Hello all,

    I've noticed in my Google Webmasters account that I have 11x 404 error pages on my website:

    I'm going to 301 redirect the "services/event-security/)" to "services/event-security/" without the the bracket on the end but i'm not sure what to do about the others because most of them are old URLS that came from the original WordPress template sample data but I didn't manage to delete them in time before Google found them. From reading around online some people say to 301 redirect them all to similar pages but I don't have any pages similar, some people say to 301 redirect them all to the home page and some people say just to ignore them, also some people say they will hurt my rankings and some people say they won't so I really don't know what is the best thing to do with them? I have also been building backlinks for the past 6 months and my keywords are still not ranking and i'm wondering if this is because of the 404 errors? I ranked websites before and normally have them ranking in about 3-4 months so i'm starting to get really worried now.

    Thanks in advance
    P.s my website is
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    404 pages are normal and don't on there own effect rankings.
    If they are old pages just say they are fixed and forget them, they should only return if there are links to them which google will follow. Google may check back from time to time to see if the pages have returned but your safe just to say fixed again until they stop.
    If you wish to speed up that process then you can return a 410 code if you can work out how to do that on your system which is a page has gone and is not going to return.
    The page will be of only value if there are external links going to it so only they are the ones you should try and keep and redirect with a 301.

    As for ranking, in the past yes building backlinks was the way, now most links will be nofollow so have no value in terms of SEO, this leaves very few sites left which highlight the spammy ones which google wont count either. So unless you know a few good links from authority sites that you can gain a link from you are better off not doing link building unless you are really careful else you could be the one preventing the site from ranking.
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