This is something which just struck me and I'm hoping people round here might have some advice or ideas.

Our European site was made entirely in English and has visitors from all over Europe - but of course they access the site in English only.

Visitors are predominantly from Italy, Germany, and France.

Now, we decided to go multilingual and now offer two options: English & Italian (which has just gone online this week).

But I'm just wondering, do you think, in your opinion, that, for example, a German user might take a look at the site and see that it's only offered in English and Italian and decide that they're not catered for and move away?

In the past when the site was only in English I think they understood that it was a pan-European site and, fair enough, English was the obvious language.

But I'm worried that by offering just English and Italian now, we might be putting off speakers of other languages.

Any thoughts on this?