Hey Hope Every Ones Well

i have a couple of questions that relate to link building a .co.uk site and also what i am doing at present and if its enough

this is what were doing on the site at the moment

1, Article Submissions ( one a week to around 7 high quality directories e.g ezine )
2, Blog post ( around 3 unique post a week on our own site)
3, directors submissions (around 200 manual submissions a month)
4, social bookmarking ( every now and again)

First question is

what else could i be doing to gain more relevant one way themed links in the near future we going to be doing Pod-casts, and also press releases

Seconded question (contextual links)

now if i am right a contextual link is a link embedded within a blog post/article which makes a themed on way link back

now how impotent is getting a relevant contextual link from the same type of website its linking back too

also if its a high ranking blog were the contextual link of coming from does it matter if the theme of the site is not relevant as long as the the blog post is

is there any companies offer contextual link building that you would recommend

Third Question

my site is based in the UK and i target UK customers only now when link building should i only look for relevant links from co.UK or as long as there high google PageRank does it matter were the site is from

thanks for your time