KINTEX( is an international trade exhibition center based in South Korea and My name is Phil Chung who are working in KINTEX exhibition planning team.
Althoug I'm not a tech guy but keenly interested in SEO and web promotion initiatives, I know how SEO works theoretically but still feel very hard to get our site listed in the higher position compared to other competitors. As an initiative for business networking and an effort to increase web-visibility, I worked hard to exchange official logos and links with other big international organizations but still in doubt whether they will work, is that all? is there any advice to a good-at-ms office non-technical person?
We are also running over 30 websites rspectively that contain each event info. Do I need to link them all together to boost visitor traffic? You think it will work?
If possible, please visit our site and give me some feedback!
thank you!

Every single advice of yours will be highly appreciated