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    How much does a link from another country count?


    I was wondering:

    If I for instance got an Italien website that sells paintings. If I was able to get links from painting related websites in Spain, Greece etc. How much would these links count compared to similar sites from Italy? Are there any research on this subject?

    Best regards
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    Hi Linkbuilding,
    I'd love to know the answer to this question also.

    I've done a lot SE study over the years but I've never seen Google give out this level of info about how it values external links. It's too deep into the "secret sauce" recipe, I guess.

    I've no faith in the tools that use their own algo to calculate "page authority" or similar names because they don't know either.

    To my mind, one of their biggest limitations is that they don't even use link text in their "page authority" calculations. At least, as far as I know.

    In lieu of anything else, I prefer to go back to basic principles.

    1. G is trying to identify the pages that best answer the search query
    2. We know that PageRank was designed to assess links between pages.
    3. We know link text is part of the algo
    4. We know that G has multiple ways to modify link values

    I don't know for a fact, but it seems logical to look to the on-page ranking signals of the external pages for link value clues. Eg. What the page is about, how many pages on the external site are also about the search topic, the title of linking page, URL of linking page, etc.

    At this point I'm also inclined to believe that the nature of the search query may be part of the picture.

    So, if a search query causes G to activate its location algo component, I'd guess that links from the same location could have more value than links from another country or region.

    This is just personal opinion!
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    It is not the location, origin or nationality that decides the value of the backlink but the relevance and the quality of the website where it belongs which can be further put together by using various factors like Domain Authority (DA), the page rank, Page Authority (PA) and also whether the link is do-follow or no-follow. For example if your website is about web designing in US like trajectorywebdesign(.)com and it is getting link from a UK site revglue(.)com which is also a web design company then it is a perfect match in relevancy and google will definitely regard this when ranking your website.

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    Everyone will love to know if there is any priority given to external link, but from what I know I think domain authority and page authority are the things that will make your site rank.
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    A vote is a vote, don't add anymore to it, and if it's a nofollow forget the vote, it's now a traffic mover.
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    It's more to do with the rating of the URL rather than the location. If you're targeting specific country's of audiences then maybe location is more important as more of a certain nation will see it.

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