I actually came across this by accident, if you examine the inbound links to avatarfinancial(dot)com to only this URL and except from this domain you'll be very surprised. The website is a that offers services for Nationwide, Direct Hard Money Loans.

In examining the first 100 inbound links, I found various unrelated websites supplying links such as:

- Florida criminal law links
- Memory foam furniture blog
- Potty training concepts
- Indian horoscopes
- Phone card services
- Curtain accessories
- Web design services

and trust me I can go on and I even found invisible links and paid sponsored links that had no 'nofollow' tags

In all of these websites they rotated the following anchor texts and surround text if possible:
"hard money" #6 on G
"hard money lenders" #4 on G
"commercial bridge loans" #4 on G
"hard money loans" #2 on G
"Commercial lenders" #6 on G

Keep in mind, SEOMOZ (a respected name in SEO) does their SEO and have done it since 2002. How has Google not caught them?

While they did have Dmoz and yahoo directory listings and some actual related content links (mostly spammy), the majority were these spammy link directories and unrelated content. I think the website itself is optimized nice, but that cannot be the reason they are ranking so high in google.

Any thoughts?