Your linking campaign is one of the most critical steps in search engine optimization that you should take after you’ve built your website. Whether you do the work manually or use a web linking software, getting high-ranking, relevant links to your website goes a long way towards boosting your PageRank.

Creating your own linking campaign:

· Do your research

Links can be judged by two criteria: The site’s PageRank, and the relevance of the site (and linking page) to your industry/niche. The best way to look for websites to get links from is to search for high-ranking websites within your own keyword list. On those websites, you should then target pages that relate most closely with your site.

· Write the script

Your email template should concentrate on the following aspects: What your website offers in terms of information, products and services and why it would benefit the linking website to link to you (reciprocal links, affiliate program, money, or just because your website is such a great resource). The key is to sound friendly and non-demanding while convincing the webmasters (who already get many such requests every day) that YOUR website is the one they should link to.

· One-way vs link exchange

If you are looking for a link exchange program, you are bound to get links fairly easily (1 in 10 contacted websites on average). However, one-way links are a little trickier to get (as well as being more important). Apart from independent niche directories, getting one-way links usually involves offering the other website something substantial, like buying ad space, or posting your own articles as resources on their website.

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