Service Advertise Google Adwords keyword allows donors to pay for Google to be listed in the right position first page when customers search for the keyword. This will make the donor can be marketing your website to the right customer a selection and the most effective.

Operation principles of Google Adwords as follows
- Sponsors determine which keywords you want to advertise on Google.
- Sign up ads with keywords that Google and other agents of Google.
- Each time a customer clicks on ads sponsors listed on the search for information by Google, sponsors will pay 1 amount corresponding to the exchange 1 customer visited website (this amount is the donor before the auction).

Service costs
Advertising costs depend on the number of clients you want to access the website and the keywords you choose to advertise. If your budget as large you can select multiple keywords are also attracted many visits your website customers. However we always aim to optimize costs for customers. So be assured that you can begin using the AdWords service costs are very modest.

Package 1: 40 USD
- Time ads most: 1 - 3 months.
- Number of keywords: 1 - 3
- The ads on Google Search
* Management fee: 10 USD.
* Advertising Fee: 30 USD (budget 1 USD/day)

Package 2: Pay the monthly fee
- Time Advertising: 2 - 12 months - or more
- Number of keywords: no limit
- Advertising on Google Search
- Partner search (option)
- Allow more image add (option).
* Management fee monthly: 28 USD
* Fee monthly ad is: $ 60 - $ 90 - $ 180 - Options (We are committed to using all the money you paid)

Package 3: unlimited
- Advertising Time: unlimited
- Number of keywords: unlimited
- Advertising on Google Search
- Partner search (option)
- Allow more image add (option).
* Initial creation: 50 USD
* Service fee is 12%/click.

We will help you
- Consulting to clients understand detail, effect, and necessary of the keyword advertising.
- Helping customers to select the keywords most relevant to the field of their activities based on the analysis of field operations, customer objectives, content information on the clients website.
- Analyzing the competitor (the donor) on each keyword. Analyze the level of search of customers for each keyword.
- Making the level estimated costs for advertising and advertising placement can be achieved with costs.
- On behalf of customers registered keyword advertising with Google and other agents of Google.
- Monitoring, statistics table to efficiently and cost for each campaign.
- Implementing promotion supports for attached websites to increase the effectiveness and the ad campaign for the keywords.
- Report results the end of the advertising, or monthly.

This is a form of paid advertising by click, people use Google Adwords pay per click that search click text ads or banner on search result pages of Google.

Note: Advertising on the package to apply for 1 advertising, use 1 language and displayed in 1 country.
Add 1 language or country 1: 5 USD
Unlimited countries: 40 USD

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