Hello there!

I have a client that is going to be
rebuilding their site this year. However, isince the link building takes so
much time, i would like to go ahead and
start on their inbound linking program/campaign now- finding, and obtaining links from,
quality link partners, authoritative directories, etc.
The new site will have the same domain namebut will likely have a new ISP
(thus, new IP address).

We may go ahead and build a "resources" page on the current site for those cases
where the link partner wants a reciprocal link and we will then transfer those
partner links to the new site resources page when the new site is built later this

Since i dont know the directory structure of the new site yet, i will go ahead
and just do inbound links to the client's home page.

my question is this:

Do you see any problems with doing the linking now with the existing site and then just
continuing with the new site? or should we wait?

thanks for your help!