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    Building Links - the nightmare it isn't.

    The one thing that will never change:

    Building quality links to your website is key!

    In all your research on marketing and building links, you'll never find someone that tells you not to increase your backlinks. No matter what happens with SEO and website marketing in the future, building quality themed inbound links will never stop being an important factor in generating traffic.

    But it's not easy. It's actually a Royal pain in the "you know what" . I actually had a lead from one of my websites ask me how much to build links to there website would be... They thoughT maybe like $10 - 15 dollars per link....

    I said, "you mean you want me to build high quality theme related permanent links to your website for 10-15 bucks per link?" Forget it! Your crazy....

    Can you really put a price on a PERMANENT quality link?
    I really don't know.... I don't think so, but it sure aint cheap...

    Well my point is that building high quality theme related permanent links is worth much much more than that... That's why we keep seeing all these buying programs out there.... Got a fortune to spend on internet marketing - I sure don't. Matter of fact, I despise buying links.... and I don't think Google likes it too much either....

    So how do you build high quality permanent incoming links to your website without the hard work and costly expense?
    I was thinking the same exact thing... Who isn't?

    Well I'm offering a system that will help make this task a whole lot easier.

    Why everyone on the planet should sign up at www.ipagerank.com

    What the heck is ipagerank?

    So I was thinking: "How the heck could I get other webmasters to link up to my website free AND automatically?"

    Thus the creation of www.ipagerank.com

    An free and honest way to get related websites to link to you without buying or recipricating.

    How it works:
    1) Signup and tell everyone about your website...
    2) Look for another website from another member that's something you want to link to on your website for relevancy reasons.... Say you have a website about baseball... You may want to link to sportsforums.com or whatever.... Why not? It's good related content for your visitors.
    3) List your website in the website listings area...

    So what do you get out of this your asking?

    The MOTHER of all favors!



    Other webmasters will be searching for websites to link to the same way....

    Put a price on that!

    So why doesn't EVERYONE signup at www.ipagerank.com?

    Cause they simply doen't know about it yet.... But all that's about to change.

    The progress:

    IPAGERANK has been around for ONLY 2 MONTHS. In this time it has taken 2 seperate DMOZ catagories and is currently a PR5...
    It's listed excellent for "increase pagerank" on the best search engine in the world, and we've got almost 100 registered members already...

    So we're growing.... I'd love to have all my friends at www.SEOCHAT.com to join the fun at www.IPAGERANK.com

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    I hope more people can join ipagerank.com so finally someone will link to me
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    lol... that's what I was thinking, seems that everyone there puts their site hoping someone will link to them, but they don't bother linking to other sites.

    Maybe in a perfect world this would work, but in the real world no one gives without receiving.

    Reciprocal links are hard to get (most people play detective and ask you about your linking page, how many visits you get, what's your PR, does your page pass PR, how many outbound links... etc), non-reciprocal are close to impossible.
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    Need some free backlinks for your site? Check this out!
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    People are participating.... Some dont.... But some do....

    I've been gaining nice links and have given a few good ones too...

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