Hi there,
I have recently started doing SEO for a company who has many keywords in their AdWords account and would like to know which ones are performing best. The company is in the service industry and most of their conversions come through phone calls. We are working on setting up dynamic call tracking. Right now my strategy is to test the top 10 keywords for overall cost then to group the other keywords based on some commonality like brand, competitors, etc. and split that into maybe 20 groups, with a total of 30 hosted numbers. We would test this for about three months and see which keywords are converting. Ultimately we would like to group our massive list of keywords into a group of keywords that never get paused, a secondary group etc and then a group we just get rid of entirely.
How does this sound? I find it really hard to know the best ways for tracking conversions for a brick-and mortar business and how to make this list of keywords I've inherited more manageable!
Thanks for any help you can give!