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    SEO Tools for Keyword Research

    Eight SEO Tools that are very helpful in doing keyword research. The following review looks at some of the best free internet based keyword research tool. I have these and many more good SEO Tools listed on my website

    Overture Keyword Popularity Tool

    Overture Keyword Popularity Tool by 123 Promotion
    has made a number of changes to there Overture Keyword Popularity Tool. It now searches not only Overture's database but WorkTracker also!
    It looks like the same tool but the results in the search term field is an anchor text that opens up a whole new set of data and word mining possibilities.
    In the new set of data it tells you how many times Google and Yahoo find this term on the internet, there is a list of related words which is linked to let you conduct a dictionary.com or thesaurus.reference.com search or to research on one of the related words. Very nice tool, and very useful for copywriters.

    Search Term Research
    Search Term Research by PrioritySubmit
    requires an username and password but it has lots of features. They claim to have the biggest database, with over 9 billion searches compiled from 37 sources that include major international, pay per click, meta and regional engines.
    You can search on spell:keyword, related:keyword, like:keyword and crawl:keyword . The tool will search Overture's data from 16 different countries. There is just too much to list here.
    Go sign up and get take a peek.

    Keyword Research Tool
    Keyword Research Tool by Webmaster Toolkit
    will generate a list of keywords and keyword phrases used in other web sites based on the keyword or keyword phrase you enter into their tool.
    This tool searches other sites with your choice of one of the 9 listed search engines and displays what other web sites that are optimized for the keyword phrase you entered are using for keywords on their site. Very helpful tool!

    Search Term Suggestion Tool
    Overture Search Term Suggestion Tool by Overture
    allows you to enter a prospective keyword and it returns the related keyword phrases and the number of times they have been searched in the last month on Overture powered search engines such as Yahoo, MSN, Altavista and Hotbot.
    You use this kind of data to help you choose the keyword phrases you want to target. This tool is a "must use" as you don't want to target keywords that no one is searching for!

    Keyword Suggestion Tool
    Keyword Suggestion Tool by Digital Point Solutions
    shows the per day keyword results from both Overture and Wordtracker. Wordtracker breaks the results down in plural and singular where Overture combines them together. For example Overture reports "anime wallpage" as 2609 per day where Wordtracker shows "anime wallpaper" with 3160 per day and "anime wallpapers" with 1948 per day.
    The different totals don't matter, it is the plural/singular percentages that you need to help you decide which keyword to target.

    Keyword Generator
    Keyword Generator by Espotting Media
    provides you with keywords from there PPC data base. Espotting powers over 1.4 billion searches every month across Europe. With offices in the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

    Google Adwords Keyword Tool
    Google Adwords Keyword Tool by Google
    provides you with 2 lists of words, Specific keywords that are that include our keyword that have been searched on Google and Similar keywords that are relevant terms searched by uses that searched for your keyword also.

    Google Keyword Suggestions
    Keyword Suggestions for Google by SEO Chat
    give you relevant and popular terms related to the keyword you search for. This tool queries information from Google searches for your keyword and determines popular and re-occurring terms and displays them with a field that shows there relevant per cent. Very good tool.

    If you know of any good SEO Tools for Keyword Research and they are not listed here, let me know by this SEO Tools Suggestion form and I will add them.

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    Thanks for the list. This is a really useful resource.
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    Why isn't Wordtracker on the list - is it because of the cost?
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    It is really a very nice lists. I already know some of the tools and use time to time like the tool of DIgitalPoint - Overture. Anywat THANX for the list.
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    Thank you bobmutch, very nice list. I was looking for a list like this, with keyword tools and short explanation of every tool. Very nice job.

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    Those tools are nice because they are free. But you forgot, SEObook.

    You could also add in some of the Keyword Research Services:

    Keyword Discovery, Wordtracker, Nichebot, etc.
    Note- these do cost money, but many have a free trial that is worth trying.

    Also software:
    TheDowser, Keyword Elite, GoodKeywords (free), WebCEO, etc.

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