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    Question Please help! I Need a Keyword Tool with # of Local Monthly Searches?


    I am trying to find an SEO keyword tool that can give me an estimated number of times each term has been been searched in a specific geographic area within a certain time frame. Preferably a tool that is free to use or at least has a free trial.

    With the Google Adwords Keyword Tool you can only filter it down to what country you are in (USA)
    However, you can sort it by "Local Monthly Searches" An entire country is NOT local!

    The option to narrow down your geographic targeting areas is available in the Traffic Estimator Tool, however, it only displays results in terms of CPC's. I do not know how to decipher how often that term is searched.
    Am I supposed to assume that since a word is "competitive" that it gets searched alot?

    This is very frustrating because we had software at my old company that would do exactly what I am trying to do.

    It would show an estimated number of searches across google, yahoo, bing for the past 90 days and an estimate of how much it'd cost to have either a high, medium or low visibility on the search results.

    so- to summarize my
    Could someone please direct me to a free or free trial site where I can
    -enter several keyword
    -enter geographic parameters
    see estimated number of times the keywords were searched in that area/time
    *it can be multiple search engine results, I dont care.

    Also, If I am thinking about this in the wrong way or if you have any suggestions...please comment. I'll take any help I can get.

    I am literally going crazy and the answer is likely right in front of my face. PLEASE HELP ME!!!


    Thanks in advance!!!
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    I read through one of the other threads and realized that it may be helpful (for me, mainly) to further explain what my situation is.

    I am in the process of launching my own freelance social media mgmt company. I deliberately chose NOT to offer SEO/SEM because I do not have that much experience with it and really, I can't be a one stop shop.

    I am working with a potential client whose opening a dental assisting certif school in February. They will be accepting 10 to 14 students per semester. They only have one competitor in the area.

    My services primarily involve Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. I build the profiles, write and post content etc and can do FB ad campaigns for them too.

    This guy needs both. He needs social media marketing and definitely needs to purchase some google ads under related keywords.

    Ive known him for years and want to give him good advice on how to proceed. He said he can spend $500/yr on marketing/advertising and that should cover SEO too. I laughed and havent responded back yet.

    I wanted to show him an idea of how often dental assisting schools are being searched here, THEN show him the price. That way, I will have something backing me up when I have to tell him $500/ year wont cover it.

    He also built the site himself.

    Anyhow, I have realized that even though I do not plan on placing SEM ads for customers, I need to know alot more about it than I do.

    I can obviously determine really quick if a customer needs to focus mainly on Social Media or SEM or both. He needs both...but in my opinion SEM ads are a must because he needs traffic...NOW.

    The blind leading the blind. Nice.

    I'll quit rambling now. : )

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