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    Keyword Basket - Keyword Database Software

    Regarding Keywords and Keyword Research I have tested and purchased many tools but still looking for a really useful software solution to store my collections of keywords with these essential requirements:

    - Ability to deal with several hundred thousand keywords
    - Quick filter to quickly find keywords + advanced search
    - Flexible categorization system based on projects, niches, base keywords.
    - Organization in groups and export results (for example to use them on the AdWords Editor to create campaigns or ad groups)
    - EASILY import from several sources (Google AdWords, csv, tsv) and creation of import templates: To choose the input fields and their correspondent destiny inside the database).
    - Customization of fields (to store and view). You know: KEY, monthly global and local searches, price, etc, etc, etc.
    - Consolidation of data from different sources because there are no established standards so each tool provide information based on different parameters (like daily VS monthly results).
    - Unicode support (or capable to work with all western languages: Not only English)

    Historical / seasonal features (to see the trends based on stored data)

    In a few words: A keyword basket to store all this information and be able to USE it. To find fast.

    I have collected LOTS of keywords along the years but all this information is spread along a thousand places. You know: txt files, excel, collected stats from AWstats, Google reports, lists generated from all the software I have used...

    In addition, after running AdWords campaigns for years it's usual to know the value of the keywords so it would be necessary to input this information. ROI, notes, custom fields.

    I have been thinking about hiring a programmer for a custom development but I'm not sure if I could afford it and if it would be the best option since it's not an easy project.

    Any idea on a tool like this?.

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    Would storing data even be viable since things go in and out of fashion.
    I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill
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    Originally Posted by DarrenHaye
    things go in and out of fashion.
    Dear Darren,

    Well reports about trends are interesting the behaviour you mention as well as seasonal searches. But are not the most useful data, so that's why I consider it as an optional feature.

    The most interesting part about keeping your own researched keywords are not big numbers. Look, there are extremely high converting keywords with very low numbers which aren't possible to obtain using most keyword research services, specially Google AdWords Tools.

    Efficiently storing your own keywords from stats, PPC conversions and other sources it's very useful for Marketers, SEO professionals and business owners.

    For example, I still keep large lists from the old Overture tool. Some of the keywords might be outdated but for the most part many of these searches are still valuable.
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