After taking a look in my Google Analytics account, I noticed that once again my content has been ranked for a Russian word, this time "композиция в графическом дизайне" which translated into "composition in graphic design". I was wondering if this is normal simply because 98% of my visitors visit from English keywords and the other 2% from Russian. I would understand if French, Spanish and other languages were also cropping up in my keywords but it appears to be specifically Russian. Although I have no personal links to Russia I have been speaking to a Russian girl who has likely visited my site numerous times, she would not have visited using the the keywords in my Analytics however I am wondering if somehow Google has connected her visits with making my site more relevant for other Russian searchers?

I should also note that I have been struggling to rank for keywords, most of my content at the moment is image(portfolio) based so I am hoping to expand my site with written blog articles. None of my written articles have received page rank, they are also slow to index. I tend to rank for random strings of keywords found in alt text etc at moment, I only get about 80 visits per month.