ASeoHosting offers a variety of hosting plans, keeping the needs (and budget) of an SEO in mind. Utilizing multiple IP hosting on shared servers, they give you the ability to customize Multiple DNS and IP hosting from a single user interface. They also feature private nameservers, Cpanel UI, Class C IPs, and more. Wordpress and Joomla users get the added benefit of not having to manually install their CMS, thanks to ASEOHosting's Softaculous software, which lets you install your favorite content management system with a single click - bypass the hassle of manual installation and configuration. Great time saver for you busy blog writers out there!


On top of everything else, ASeoHosting prides themself on their customer service - a quick search of the web will showcase user testimonials detailing how the company has gone out of their way in times of need. They have technical support available 24/7 via a ticket support system, promising average response times of 5-10 minutes. As a side note, they do not out-source technical support either, preferring to keep it in-house.

There is no long term contract - you can cancel at any time - which gives you an easy out if you decide the service is not right for you.

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