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    Google Plus FAQ

    Google Plus is the newest of the social media platforms we are actually paying attention to. Let's see what it is (Ask questions below and I'll be updating this thread with answers)!

    Q: What Are Google+ Circles?

    You know how Twitter has followers, and Facebook has friends? Google+ has circles. These are groups that you add people into, allowing you to filter content to certain communities, while hiding it from others.

    You can make as many circles as you want, using it in as many ways as you want.

    Q: Can I Create an Account for my Business?

    NOT a personal one.

    Google Plus has "Google Pages" for business usage. You can create that one but you will first need to register a personal one, get inside and then create a page.

    Q: How are Google Plus Business Pages Different from Communities?

    * Page is more like a "brochure" listing your details. It lists business details. Only the business page can post on its wall.
    * Google Plus community is more like a forum or a discussion board. It evolves about a topic, and different accounts can post on a wall.

    You can certainly try setting up both and see what goes better.

    How Can I See Who Plussed / Shared My Article on Google Plus

    You cannot see who just plussed your page...

    You can see who shared your page with Google Plus using Google Ripples (this bookmarklet is marvelous)

    Google Ripples shows who shared and even who re-shared a particular page on Google Plus:

    Q: Can I Use Google Hangouts on Google Plus?

    Google Hangouts has actually integrated with Google Plus to create a singular platform. So now that style of chat, whether it is done through instant messages or video calls, are handled through the same site. It can also be used on every device now, from your computer to your mobile phone, using their app. It is compatible with both Android and Apple.

    This is what makes Google+ so interesting, the way it incorporates its various services into the social network.

    Q: What If I Don't Want Comments?

    Sometimes you want to share something, but you would rather keep comments off of your profile and instead encourage them at the link you have provided. In that case, you can lock a post so that no one can comment on it at all.

    Q: Can I share privately?

    If you would prefer to have a private post, such as a journal entry, you can do that by making a note viewable only to you.

    Q: What Hotkeys Does Google+ Use?

    Basic hotkeys and formatting rules have been provided by Google to help you post an navigate their site more quickly. This includes bold words, strike throughs, moving through a page and in-page search access.

    This is a great infographic that acts as a cheatsheet.

    Q: Do Hashtags Work On The Site?

    They sure do. Proving that they enjoy utilizing popular technology for the sake of their users, Google has incorporated hashtags to work in much the same way they do on Twitter. They add context,, group together posts and allow for searching through communities and finding people discussing the same topics.

    But it isn't quite the same as Twitter, because Google+ is not nearly as open as a platform. So it is more helpful for searching out or using in groups than it is personal profile use.

    Q: What is Google Authorship?

    Please read about here in my other stickie: Google Authorship.

    More answered questions from this forum:

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    Good post about Google + FAQ.

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