Google have just released their latest version of their toolbar for IE:

"The new features include enhanced "suggestions" that appear on the fly as you type a query, the ability to add custom buttons to search your favorite sites, the ability to create and save online bookmarks and to share web pages with others."

So, now that Google have implemented the suggestions feature, it will presumably display the most popular search terms in order of popularity - so I think this will mean the popular search phrases will get even more popular because people will just select them from the list. It will also mean that you'll get fewer hits if you're targetting niche phrases because the searchers will start using pre-defined search terms rather than making up their own - As a webmaster I'm not sure I like this new feature because unless you target one of the suggested phrases you might not get much traffic.

I really hope they don't implement this on the normal search textfield! I know they've implemented this feature in their testing area, so it might only be a matter of time before it's rolled out


(Please don't move this to the Google Toolbar section because the question I'm asking is actually about google optimization, not the toolbar itself)