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    Would Google prefer a 301 or iframe when I redo my site?

    Hi All -

    We are moving from a static html/css/js site to a CMS site.

    We currently have a couple of hundred how-to guides located at suredone.com/guides/name-of-guide (you can see them by visiting www.suredone.com/guides). They are actually a bit ancient and we've moved all of them to Freshdesk but never redirected individual guides from www.suredone.com - we just repointed the menu item for guides to support.suredone.com on Freshdesk. As a result, these guides (at www.suredone.com) are still indexed on Google and actually for a lot of longtail phrases.

    So now that we're moving to a CMS we're trying to figure out the best approach to these pages so we don't decimate our rankings. We REALLY don't want to recreate these old pages. There's no awesome way to suck the content from Freshdesk and create pages on the CMS since that would also require some big maintenance aspect as these pages are updated regularly.

    So.. do we 301 the old guide pages from www.suredone.com/guides/name-of-guide to support.suredone.com/support/solutions/articles/1000221852-some-guide-name-thats-different, or do we create pages in the CMS for each of these older guides and then iframe the freshdesk pages into them so at least the content for those specific pages is current if someone trips onto them?

    Other ideas are welcome!


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    For the most part I think your overall plan of action is ok.

    But drop the sub domain. Sub domains are less effective in passing the juice. Keep it all on the domain. You will in my opinion perform better in the serps, even with Iframes.

    The trick on the page that appears in the iframed would be to use a rel=canonical. So the content in the iframe then states the page to get the juice is the newly created pages in the CMS version with the embedded iframe.

    I think Google will fully understand this. This will also eliminate any duplicate content issues as well.

    If you don't use the canonical and you use the support.suredone.com idea, then the pages could be seen as duplicate content, and we all know what happens with duplicate content issues and ranking.

    Just my thoughts on the matter.
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    Yes I think in general I agree. It sounds, if I have understood correctly that you have duplicated the content. Try search for a long string of text in one of the pages and see which article is returned. You need to make sure that canonicalization is correct and appropriate before making any redirects.

    I would favor the 301 redirect approach and agree with dropping the sub domain if possible.

    Also, it may very well be possible with a bit of coding to make a scrapper to pull the content and then push it into your CMS.

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