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    Red face Would this be considered duplicate content?

    I have to add more unique content to my products pages, and am wondering if I add appropriate Bible verses (I have a Christian art website) to some of my pages if it would be considered duplicate content? Of course it's not unique, but I would assume it might not be frowned upon by Google as much as using someone else's articles/content...I had misassumed that it was beneficial to use other's "sticky content" to increase my content, but am finding out that I must have as much unique content as possible. While I write some of my own, and possible hire someone else to write for my website, I thought the Bible verses would be a good way to at least get some content on some product pages that have very little content, besides a short product description on them. Thanks for any help and suggestions.

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    Make sure that the page on which you are using the Bible verses have more unique content than the Bible verses. The volume of the unique content should be greater than the volume of the verses.

    But I don't think that using Bible verses will raise a duplicate content issue as it is used so many times at so many other places. But just to be safe I'd suggest adding more unique content on pages u have Bible verses on.

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    • brandall agrees : Make sure you have other unique content on the page and you'll be fine

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    or maybe try to use robot.txt and choose the page that you don't want to crawl by SEs bot..
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    Well, I want all pages in the list to be crawled. I just cannot control (without substantial effort) how the dynamic parameters are added to the URL. We do use SE-friendly URLs in general, but for a list containing 'page' and 'sortBy' and god knows what other information, it is not sensible to rewrite the URLs.

    I did not know that rules in the robots.txt can be adjusted to capture different types of URL parameters, I always thought it's just paths or complete URLs...

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