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    Will this method for my affiliate program help ranking

    I am selling an item at the following URL
    http//www.mysite.com/my-item.html, the "buy now" URL in this page is
    (If the value of affiliate=12345, I will send credits to affiliate 12345; if it is empty, I will keep all the money)

    Now I want to set up this affiliate program and the object is increae PR of my-item.html Let code speak for itself

    1. Save my-item.html as my-item.php
    2. Add the following code to the beginning of my-item.php
    $url="https//www.3rd-party.com/buynow.cgi?item=my-item&affiliate=" . $affiliate_id;
    3. echo the $url to the <a href= tag of the buy now link
    4. Uses mod_rewrite to modify my-item.php to my-item.html
    5. Tell my affiliates to link to mysite.com by using the following URL


    6. Google will ignore "affiliate=12345" because my-item.html is a static page D

    Now you say, I am smart or stupid ?
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    Insted of mod_rewrite hackery, you coul alwas just enable mod_php and use PHP in your .html files.

    As far as google acting one way or another, that will be seen after all the new mods and such. But if I were a search engine, i'd lower the ranking because there are links pointing to that page containing the term 'affiliate'.

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