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    What's percent of duplicate content considered Duplicate Content?

    Of course Duplicate content google penalizes .... the question is what percentage of duplicate content have you noticed google pays attention to...

    example 20 field forms, navigation text, testimonials.... on a clients site of mine its the same on every page and there is probaby 50-60 words of original content... this is including the different meta tags, titles, description, alt tags, h1 tags and phone numbers, addresses and names of various locations...

    Google has indexed 30,100 of our pages in less than 4 weeks so it looks like we are ok... I've recommended to the client that we ad more content to avoid any SE penalties ..

    What do you guys think? Am i safe as it is?
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    i think you will have problems with dup pages, its not enough to make unique title, metas, alts and stuff like this, you need to have more unique content

    if you have 30 100 indexed pages you will see lots of traffic in start, next month even more, but then every month less, less and less, when your all non-unique pages will become just link without title and description, you will see big drop in traffic, i talking from personal experience

    you need content if you want to keep traffic
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    A few weeks back, I was worried about some of my sites for the same problem and I contacted Rand Fishkin of SEOMoz.org and Aaron Wall of SEOBook.com and received the following advice from them.

    Originally Posted by Aaron Wall

    Hi Sufyan

    I do not know the exact % but so long as the titles and headings and
    the like are unique on a per page basis you should probably be fine
    unless there is a ton of similar content in the text.

    have you looked through your cache or the cache of similar sites?


    Originally Posted by Rand Fishkin


    I'm about to get on a plane for San Jose, but I'll touch down in a few
    hours. Send me some sample URLs and I'll take a look. I don't think
    you'll have too much of a problem - Google, Yahoo!, MSN all recognize that
    templates are part of web building, and are likely to recognize that
    each page's unique content is actually the product and description. This is
    common throughout the world of e-commerce.

    As long as you wrote all the titles, descrips, etc. yourself, I think
    you'll be fine, and if you have extra concerns, my adive would be to
    write more descriptive and engaging text for each product. This won't just
    help with dup content, it can help boost rankings and conversion rates.

    Best of luck,

    Hope this helps...
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    wow great sufyaan .... yea thats what i thought... i think im safe but more content will just make me feel even more secure to justify all this magical exposure my client is getting on google.... these mod-rewrite template engines can be powerful as long as u have decent content coming from your db's ... realestate.com and many others are using the technique

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