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    What are the advantages / disadvantages of blogging in regard of SERP ?

    I've read a few books on SEO recently and what most books teach you is that SERP relies heavily on content and link building. This is all understandable and doable. It is so that in order to rank well one needs relevant and well written content. Preferably more of it than less.

    Wich brings me to blogging. There are lots of ppl who just put prewritten content / pages on their servers and don't actually 'build' content. With blogging the content is build by losts of users. I understand that this is a way to 'build' content. But what about users wich write 'un-relevant' content ? This would drop the site / blog in rank no ?

    I guess my question is as follows : What are the advantages of using blogs in regard of SERP ? If there are any (above of other kinds of content-building that is ... ) wouldn't a blog need CONTSTANT 'moderation' in order to keep all by users written content relevant enough ?

    Sorry for the long post, hope that anyone can share their experiences though....

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    IMO blogging is overrated for SERP improvement unless you generate links to pages that you own. But if it is just links that you want then why not just toss up 5000 pages with links pointing to lots of your pages? A monkey could write those pages for you.

    The bottom line, IMO is that links for links sake are not of much value. The native power in a new page to pass with a link is just about zilch. What gets you power is when somebody else who has a worthwhile site links to your blog and they you have a little juice to pass. If you can get lots of links into your blog then your blog has lots of juice to pass. So the links are worthless unless they themselves are connected to with genuine and valuable links from outside of your own network.

    I have blogs on a couple of sites and I don't do it for the value of the links on those pages, I don't do it for the income produced by those pages (because they make very very little), instead, I do it because the people who come to my site and visit the blog spend more time there than anywhere else on my site. So even though it produces no real income it is still a valuable service to my visitors.

    All of this adds to the overall value of my site and probably gets me some natural links, brings people back to see what I have written and a few folks are subscribing to my feed.

    If you are not getting any people engagement through your blog then you might as well spend your time generateing other types of content because you can probably do that more efficiently.

    Some folks will disagree but this is what motivates me to have a blog on my site. If nobody reads it then it would really be a sad waste of time.
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    I agree with Egol. I'll add that IMO creating a blog that is a separate URL or a URL embedded in your site will drive traffic to that page or the blog if people link to it using the right anchor text and the copy and blog design are search engine friendly.

    So...essentially you end of running dual linking campaigns at the same time if you want to improve your SERPs at Google. You run one linking campaign for the blog and one for your home page. IMO the keywords you choose for your blog should be different than the ones you chose for your site to maximize the range of qualified traffic you can bring in.

    I don't bother with doing that. Like EGOL I use my blog as a great way to provide topically relevant information on my area of expertise or interest. I use it instead of an e-zine or newsletter. I do get visitors to my blog who then visit my site, so it is serves two purposes, content provider and traffic builder. Yes...you need to update it frequently. Most studies show the more frequently you post the more traffic you will get.

    I'd rather focus my primary SERPs efforts on my site and not my blog. That is just me. Certainly you can do both and you'll have good results in the long run if you do it right.
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    Um.... Take a look at SEO contests. Yeah I know they don't represent real life precisely. But most recent contests had only blogs in the top 15.

    My simple conclusion: if you are in a niche, then blog instead of make a static site. If you are not, then still blog - if only to support your static site and/or drive traffic to it.

    Even without* the comments (or with just a moderated subset of them) blogs are STILL very powerful. For now.

    * = but comments are very good for blogs, don't block them unless you really have to
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