In an ever growing effort to optimize my website I have started producing my own video content a few months ago.

My site's URL (web address) is: (I have shortned the url as I don't want this post to be accessible when people search for my domain name)

The video content is hosted on
The videoclips are being displayed each on a diferent subdomain:,
I have a video sitemap located here: on the root domain.

It has been over 2 months since I have started publishing video content and updating the video sitemap but none of the videos I have made appear when I search for on

What I have checked so far:
-The Video Sitemaps has been checked has been made using the specifications from Google

-There are no errors in the Webmastertools related to the Video Sitemap(the web content is indexed but there are 0 videos indexed)

-The robots.txt file does not block crawling of content hosted on

-The video content is accessible to all browsers and from any location

-My root site, www and all subdomains have been associated with my Webmastertools account by DNS verification

-It has been over 2 months since the first 50 videos were submited

-The filetype is MP4 and it should be supported by Google

-The Screenshot of the video is large enough and it is taken from the movie.

Do you have any idea why the video content on my site has not been yet indexed? I know it should only take a few days to a week to get the videos indexed but none of my videos have been indexed so far...