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    Red face Validity of secondary links within Google

    Here is something I havenīt yet understood:
    fact: The ranking of a site depends, among other things, on how many and which (!) links lead to this site. -- ok

    BUT: Iīve posted an infinity of links on different websites. Now I found out that in the google function "who links you" the number of links is hardly increasing.

    This means that NOT ALL links that lead to my site are counted by Google.

    My question is: How do I know beforehand which websites are counted by Google and which of them have a "high validity" for pushing my website in its ranking, once I have placed links in them?

    Please do let me know.
    This question is a burning one and I just donītīmanage to determine it by myself.

    Thank you,

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    You don't.
    According to Google they only like links that grow natrually, when webmasters link to out of their own free will. I would avoid all unnatrual linking, a link from within a the main copy of a page that are related to yours are a lot more natrual than a footer link on an unrelated website.
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    The fact is that most links count, but Google typically shows only 6% of them (more or less) when you use the link: command. Of course there are other ways to check (the number of) your backlinks... Check out the link in my signature for a summary

    If you want to know beforehand if Google can follow (and credit) a link, you should really use one of the backlinks checking methods available and use it for one of the sites already on the page where your link will appear.

    Some directories use funny redirect methods (as in www.somedirectory.com/redir.php?mysite.com....) which don't always count. Others use spider-confusing javascript instead of real links (that's easy to spot if you view the source of the page your link will appear on), and some use proper links, but with the rel="nofollow" attribute added. None of these will count...

    As for "high-validity": well, sorvoja's post above says it all
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    This means that NOT ALL links that lead to my site are counted by Google.
    No, it means that the purpose of the "link:" command is to show some (pseudo-random chosen) links that point to a web page.

    That said, Google actually assigns more weight to some type of links, but the "link:" command will not help you understand what links Google counts more. It is not the purpose of this command.
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