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    Url parameters and url structure


    Me and the development team are having a heated discussion about one of the more important thing in life, i.e. URL structures on our site.

    Let's say we are creating a AirBNB clone, and we want to be found when people google

    apartments new york.

    As we have both have houses and apartments in all cities in the U.S it would make sense for our url to at least include these, so


    but the user are also able to filter on price and size as well as city and type. This isn't really relevant for google (or we dont expect people to search for size), and we all agree on clone.com/Apartments/New-York should be canonical for all apartment/New York searches. But how should the url look like for people having a price for max 300$ and 100 sqft?


    or (We are using Node.js so no problem)


    The developers hate url parameters with a vengeance, and think the last version is the preferable one and most user readable, and says that as long we use canonical on everything to clone.com/Apartments/New-York it won't matter for god old google.

    I think the url parameters are the way to go for two reasons. One is that google might by themselves figure out that the price parameter doesn't matter (https://support.google.com/webmaster.../1235687?hl=en) and also it is possible in webmaster tools to actually tell google that you shouldn't worry about a parameter.

    We have agreed to disagree on this point, and let forums decide what we ought to do. What do you all think?
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    IMHO, your developers are right. I would pick the latter URL structure.
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    There's a good chance that if you don't point Google in the right direction, then all the different URL parameters will get indexed, creating duplicate content and thousands of unnecessary pages. I'm with joshz and your developers....the latter URL structure is the most user friendly and the overall better way to go.
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    I think that as long as the rel=canonical markup is applied correctly (and that's a big if), then either would work and Google won't really "care" either way, especially if you designate some parameters in your Webmaster Tools account.

    Having said that, I agree with Josh and Karina - parameter based URLs are god awful to look at and not user-friendly at all.

    In addition, in my experience it's always best to keep the developers happy - just saying

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