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    Question Two domain name in the same root

    I have two domain names in the same hosting.They are all in root direcotry.

    you can enter the www.AAA.com into the web,and you also can enter the www.A-BB.com into the same web.

    The former one,AAA.com's age is 3 years old,so it has 4 RP value,and the A-BB is the newest page, so it has no RP value.

    I donot know whether this mean will affect the AAA.com's optimization?Will it lose the PR value?

    Who could help me to know it?

    Thanks in advance.
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    If you are accessing the same content via both domains, that's a mirror site, and then your answer is yes, it will get you banned from the SERPS. But if you can configure your DNS to use different sub folders on the same hosting, all with different content, it's a different issue and should be okay.
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    Hi,dear seogoa

    Thanks a lots for your answer.

    But in my memory,mirror site is two site in same content ,but in two different web hosting or two different path(one in root fold and the other is in sub-fold).

    Mine is two domain name in same path of webhosting(two are in root fold).

    Is it mirror site? and will it be banned by google?

    By the way, people want to protect our right,could buy several similiar domain names ,for example, he has www.name.com, he could also buy www.name.cn ,www.name.info , www.name1.com and so on, and then ,he could put all those domain names into the same path. Does google punish all the domain names?
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    I think the issue will be duplicate content. If Google indexes the different domain names, but they have the same content, then they will treat your 2 sites as duplicate content.

    The scary part here is that since the content are duplicated, Google will start removing the duplicated content, with an unknown algorithm... The problem is, there is a chance that it will remove pages from your PR4 site rather than the new site!

    My suggestion is to use 301 redirect to redirect your new domain traffic back to the original site. There are plenty of information about it in this board.
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    Thanks for your reply.
    I buy new domain name and hosting from Godaddy,and i parse the old domain into the same root.

    However they are in same IP address,should them need 301 redirect?

    I also use "http://www.webrankinfo.com/english/tools/server-header.php" ,and it show as follow:

    HTTP/1.1 200 OKContent-Length: 20293Content-Type: text/htmlContent-Location: http://www.name.com/index.htm Last-Modified: Mon, 15 Dec 2008 23:13:46 GMTAccept-Ranges: bytesETag: "0719cc7a5fc91:4c74b"Server: Microsoft-IIS/6.0 X - Powered-By: ASP.NETDate: Fri, 26 Dec 2008 04:44:06 GMTConnection: close

    200: request completed (OK)
    201: object created, reason = new URI
    202: async completion (TBS)
    203: partial completion
    204: no info to return
    205: request completed, but clear form
    206: partial GET furfilled
    300: server couldn't decide what to return
    301: object permanently moved
    302: object temporarily moved
    303: redirection w/ new access method
    304: if-modified-since was not modified
    305: redirection to proxy, location header specifies proxy to use
    307: HTTP/1.1: keep same verb
    400: invalid syntax
    401: access denied
    402: payment required
    403: request forbidden
    404: object not found
    405: method is not allowed
    406: no response acceptable to client found
    407: proxy authentication required
    408: server timed out waiting for request
    409: user should resubmit with more info
    410: the resource is no longer available
    411: the server refused to accept request w/o a length
    412: precondition given in request failed
    413: request entity was too large
    414: request URI too long
    415: unsupported media type
    500: internal server error
    501: required not supported
    502: error response received from gateway
    503: temporarily overloaded
    504: timed out waiting for gateway
    505: HTTP version not supported

    Is my domain has been 301 redirected? What should i do other else?
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