TWK is not a competitor, its just they rank well in a large city, so they have more competition (theory being if they are doing well, they should be doing something right..)

My situation is that I started Websites by Mark in Oxfordshire and targeted five locations there.

About three years ago we moved to Dorset and because we used to get a lot of work via Google I really did not want to loose those pages.. Tried adding some local landing pages, but Im now too thin (in addition to now having some SEO work landing pages..)

I could really do with some help, but as you know, everyone is an SEO expert and most cant do the work..

Im flirting with just creating another site which just targets one location 'Poole', but its going to be a lot of work...

What would you do, try and fix the main site, or leave it as it is working (although not well) and create a second better targeted?

If its fixing the main, my issue is pretty much anything I tinker with has the reverse effect I think it should have... (i.e. I removed a lot of links from the footer and instead of seeing a boast for the pages left, the site took a dive accross the board.

I have looked to code the site more semantically (and html5) but again as soon as I start playing with bits, the rank tends to take a nose dive.

Its getting to the stage where Im considering finishing with it. (Which is a shame as I have a lot of work in my portfolio..)

Inbounds have basically come from the projects I worked on, so not really in a position to do any sort of link building campaign etc..

Any advice truely welcome.