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    Yes that's correct. The website is for our business, which offers a service....We are not a directory website, i'm not sure what you say that!?

    You said "I clicked the link 'Browse Locations' and then choose 'England' .... I got 18 results" This isn't my site! we don't have this option.

    You also go on to say "
    But your site is also woeful in helping Google rank you for niche searches. You should have a page that is optimised for Auto Locksmith London"

    We do have all of these pages, again are you sure you are looking at the correct site!?

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    Oops! Yes, got your site mixed up with something else so ignore everything except this:

    Originally Posted by Doodled
    You're looking at this upside down. Google is attempting to improve user experience and users will get a better experience with directories. I can organise results by who is open now, who will do an onsite visit, etc, etc.
    ... I also don't have to trawl through 10 websites all with completely different designs and layouts.

    Directories are simply stronger because they can do this 'Autolocksmiths in N1', 'Autolocksmiths in Islington', etc, etc and for each location offer the user more choice.

    My advice is, and has been for a long time, to get your directory presence sorted rather than try the impossible task of competing with them (and remember Google is one of them with its lovely maps and reviews!)

    Start managing these directory listings, they are like SERPs so where do you rank?, what can you change to rank higher - pay for premium positions and then analyse the results.

    Do AB testing of your lead texts in the listings and see what turns people on!

    Try and get customers to give you reviews on the spot. I know you shouldn't but offering a 5% discount to a bill when you are on the call out if the customer writes a positive Google review right there and then works wonders!

    Keep your website but sort the design. It is very text heavy and wordy (I'm guessing someone told you that was good for SEO?) - simplify it. Above the fold should be what you do and where you do it (you have only the former).

    Your website isn't fully responsive and I'm guessing a good slice of your customers are in distress on their mobiles.

    Where it is responsive it is difficult to digest, huge blocks of small, light grey text. I would suggest no matter where they land there should be a simple:
    - What do you need (your 5 services)
    - Where are you?
    - When do you need us?

    Possibly 3 pages for mobiles (as if they had opened an app)

    Your site is not https - again Google warned it would ding websites not using https.

    Overall there isn't too much work to do, it just needs a bit of tweaking. I don't want to take away the great work you have done on it (because I can see you have) but I often see these types of websites where the webmaster has got lost in SEO and forgotten the visitor .....
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    Hey Doodled, thanks for taking the time to offer your feedback and raise some great pints here that I will certainly try to incorporate. Sorry for not replying to this sooner, I thought i already had, my bad.

    Many thanks
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