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    Trademark infringement from google result

    My site runs in a competitive nichè. It provides offers for certain assets and then purchases them.

    We have a landing page that targets "we want any widget"
    Along with many other buying related phrases.
    There is a company that has trademarked the term "we want any widget" our branding is very different but we do pretty much the same thing and have both been around the same time. Now their brand name is actually a naturally spoken keyword or phrase "we want any widget" I've received a letter from a solicitor today saying that my website is infringing law and I'm not aloud to use that phrase on my ppc campaigns or on landing pages, descriptions or page content.
    Is this so? Because I could think of thousands of phrases to trademark then stop website owners using. I have no idea idea about the legalitys of it.
    It just makes me think that if I registered and trademarked implants London . Then I could stop every one using implants london as a keyword. Just doesn't seem right.

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    • Prof.stan agrees : You should take legal advice from experts
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    They probably shooting hot air as you can use any brand name on your website (except probably in the domain name).

    However, do not take random legal advice on the internet; you should get proper legal advice.
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    I suppose it may really boil down to intent.... and usage...

    We want any widget you submit to be fully tested, before you submit it to our site....good luck suing me for that .... prove infringement.....


    Mike Rowe purchased a domain a few years back and got sued by MicroSoft, why, infringement on name, phonetic pronunciation.

    The domain name was MikeRoweSoft.Com. Microsoft won btw......
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    I've actually come across this before with my own business, and the real answer is no - they can't sue you for using the phrase IN YOUR CONTENT.

    Using it in your campaigns might have a different set of legal terms, but not only have I been told there's nothing I can do about others using my brand in their on-site content, I've seen others specifically targeting competitor brands as KWs within their text to steal traffic.

    You may not be able to use it in titles? But on page content should be fine. Ideally though you should speak to a legal advisor to understand the boundaries of when and where you can get away with using it - my advice is semi-limited as I was advised agaist suing another party!

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