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    Too many keywords in H1?

    Hi everyone,

    I intend to change some of my h1-titles (the most important ones).

    The written text should be something like
    "Egypt: 5 Egypt travelogues available" (the main keywords appear underlined).

    Right now the HTML looks like this:
    Egypt: <H1>5 Egypt travelogues</H1> available

    but I intend to change it to
    <H1>Egypt: 5 Egypt travelogues available</H1>

    I will then have two times "Egypt" in H1. Do you think this will be a problem? Or will it be good? I don't know!!!

    Thank you for your help,
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    IMHO you'll just add the word "available" as another keyword. I'd say duplicate keywords in the same H1 doesn't help. I'd rather concentrate on the content to add your keywords surrounded by relevant text (use <b> and <strong>).

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    H1 vs H2

    Here is a small tip that you may want to try? In my experience over the last few years I have found that H2 is valued more than H1, especially by google.

    Reason: H1 is used by a lot of the spammy sites and annoying doorway pages, however H2 seems to have more "thought" put into it.

    To quote Summy from the seo guy forums: "H1, H2 and H3 tags are of good weight if used properly.H1 should be used only once in the page, since it should be the title heading. H2 can be used up to 3 times while H3 can be used up to 5 or 6 times. The excess in using these headings is considered as spamming. Google doesn't like it , you'll be penelized, and I don't think yahoo does either."

    Anyway, its all based on my own findings and results. You can experiement if you so wish But as I said, H2 seems to work better than H1.

    At the end of the day, most thought is speculation, most speculation is wrong.
    - This quote was just made up and has no importance at all

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    H2 are a good options when used in a hierchy with H1 and H3 with that you can also use <B> tag ... G is having a high liking for <b> tag

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    yup totally agrred with u !! if someone try to use this tags in proper heirrachy than its the best ... as acc. to W3C if you use proper clean Html ..its the best as too SE or to user

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