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    Stop the Sockpuppers, or Spam Awareness in the Forums

    As an SEOchat moderator, in an effort to raise spam awareness, I would like to explain the particular kind of post spamming that often goes on in the forums and has lately again become chronic in SEO chat.

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    Consider the question and the writing, and how things are phrased and spelled. Does it seem a little off? If so, there is a good reason. It is a fake question, spam posted by a link-builder trying to up his post count and start dropping links in SEOchat. Consider what happens when you Google a long phrase from such a question.

    It saddens me to see that even experienced forum members -- even moderators! -- often fail to identify such sockpuppetry as spam and reply to those questions in earnest. It's a waste of effort since the spammer does not really want to know your response. Spammers and sockpuppets start fake threads, and often there's a tag team effort where other sockpuppets (as well as our respectable people) reply to the fake questions. What sockpuppets in a sockpuppet thread often have in common is a lack of care (many of their posts are facile one-liners), broken English, a similar recent join date, a negative reputation and / or ignorance of the most current and effective SEO and marketing methods. They also often have stupid numbers in their forum names, like Alice1234. Or they will claim to be SEO experts on their profiles but prove with their posts that they don't know SEO basics. There can be many telltale signs, though they are not always certain.

    All of you who care and want to help make this forum better, let me give you a simple algorithm for reliably detecting and reporting about 75% all such spam. (In my opinion, more than half of all questions posted in these forums are fake. You don't see all of them because we delete many.)

    If a question or a post opening a thread seems bizarre, off, illogical, stupid, incoherent, in broken English, or if it could have been answered with a simple search, then Google a long phrase from the question. If the same post comes up on multiple forums, it's spam. Report it. That's it. (The only time this doesn't work is when they are just starting posting their latest spam and Google may not have indexed all of it yet. But in that case you can check their earlier posts if you want to investigate.)

    Additionally, there is an extremely high correlation between link-building spam and posts that recommend or seriously mention "forum posting," "profile links," "blog commenting," "directory submission," "article submission," "pr submission," "keyword density," and other obsolete or fake SEO techniques and concepts.

    I would be very grateful if you could help us eliminate spam, and I'm sticking this post temporarily here for this purpose.
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